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Raising the Steaks - Creating the Rennylea Cow Herd


Managing your bull team to maximise herd fertility     (Webinar)


HLN Carbon Farming and Your Business: Rennylea


GRA Video 


Since the 1870s, Lucinda Corrigan’s family has been farming in the Murray Valley of Southern New South Wales.
The family farm, Rennylea, is home to Rennylea Angus, the family business with a focus on high-quality breeding
and creating an efficient cow herd. Since 2010, the Rennylea team have been actively tracking their emission
‘hoofprint’ and implementing new approaches to become more sustainable with an emphasis on data and precision.
*** To celebrate Australia, through ACIAR, hosting the 10th Annual Council Meeting of the Global Research Alliance
on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases, we visited farmers around Australia to see what they are doing on-farm to
reduce emissions.




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