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There is a new group of bulls for 2017, they include two new, young performance sires,  Rennylea L508 and Rennylea L683.

These Rennylea bulls have been selected for performance, elite market suitability and wonderful maternal value.

All these bulls have dams that are unique in the industry, are very fertile and functional with incredible carcase performance.

These bulls’ traits will make very steady progress in the traits that drive profit in a beef business. They will take your herd in a long term positive direction. Each year we enter bulls in the Angus Sire Progeny test. In 2017, G255 has been recently confirmed as the superior carcase performance sire, topping the MSA index with a score of 65.5 in the fourth cohort of the Angus Sire Benchmarking program. The two new young bulls, L508 and L683 will be entered in 2017.

Link to the Angus Society Rennylea Semen Catalogue here


Prices of semen orders as follows:

COMMERCIAL HERDS: 10 straws or less – $80, up to 20 – $50, 21 straws to 100 – $40, 100 straws and over – $35  

SEEDSTOCK HERDS – minimum package 25 straws @$100 per straw, 50 straws @ $80 per straw, 100 straws @ $50 per straw

Packages only for L508 : minimum package 25 straws @$120 per straw, 50 straws @ $80 per straw, 100 straws @ $60 per straw

 lick on this link to The Angus Society data on these bulls

Rennylea G420


Rennylea G420 – has 100 progeny in the Rennylea herd. We have now started to use this bull heavily because of his explosive growth in a moderate maturity package, trait leading calving ease direct and maternal, and outstanding carcase EBVs. Progeny are thick and heavily muscled. Top 1% CED, CEM, IMF and all indicies. Top 5% Gestation Length, BW, CWT and EMA. Top 10% 400/600 day wts, low mature wt.

Highly recommended for heifer programs, but enough growth to be used as a cow bull. Easy doing progeny, daughters show excellent type, structure, udder and teat quality.

A trait leading APR bull by Berkley, Dam’s granddam, Rennylea W449, a performance carcase cow that is still a leader for a number of traits.


Rennylea H556

Rennylea H556 is a C574 son we are using heavily at Rennylea. The bull is moderate BW with outstanding phenotype and structure. The progeny of this bull are thick, meaty and easy doing.  His sons are standouts phenotypically, only a few daughters in production but they are appealing for type, structure, udder and teat development. A very flexible bull. Top 1% Heavy Grain Index. Top 5% Angus Breeding Index and Heavy Grass Index.


Rennylea G255



 Rennylea G255 – is a proven bull suitable for cows. Progeny are moderate BW, very growthy cattle with excellent CWT and marbling. Trait leader for 400, 600 day wts, carcase wt and IMF. Progeny are very suitable for the grain feed market, daughters are attractive, easy doing with plenty of frame.



Rennylea C510


Rennylea C510 – Hyline Right Time x Rennylea X131

Rennylea C510 is a proven bull, moderate BW, excellent growth and very good carcase and fertility EBVs. This bull leaves easy doing daughters that are very moderate in size. We are flushing daughters of this bull particularly because they are so functional.  A bull that sires progeny that lower costs of production but are suitable for a variety of markets.


Rennylea L508


 Rennylea L508 is an Intensity son, Dam a Te Mania Berkley donor. A well muscled long, well structural, easy doing young bull. A very impressive young bull with good calving ease. Top 1% IMF and all indicies. Top 5% 200,400,600 Day Wts, DTC and EMA.


Rennylea L683

Rennylea L683 is a Rennylea Edmund E11 son, a young bull with outstanding phenotype, structure and temperament. Top 1% IMA and positive for Rib and Rump fat. Top 5% EMA. Top 10% CED, BW and scrotal. 

Rennylea H7


Rennylea H7 – Is a standout TC Aberdeen son, Dam is the proven donor VLYZ1393, a great breeding cow. H7 is a calving ease specialist, low birthweight, incredible EMA, and curve bending growth. A very sound young bull with a great temperament. Top 1% EMA, Long fed, Heavy grass fed & Short fed indicies. 

Rennylea G317


Te Mania Africa A217(AI) x Lawsons Henry VIII Y5(AI)

Excellent Te Mania Africa son, Dam the great breeding cow VLYY5.
Outstanding structure and temperament. This bull has top 1% scrotal size, EMA and positive fat. Proven, quiet and very good structure. A terrific carcase bull in a moderate package.


Rennylea C511


Rennylea C511 – GAR Predestined x Rennylea W449

Rennylea C511 has been used in 33 herds with great success. At Rennylea we are using this bull extensively, one of the best bulls we have ever used, and his daughters are outstanding. This bull is suitable for both heifers and cows and will improve muscling, marbling, fertility and structural soundness. His dam W449 is quite simply a unique performance cow.


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