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Loss of Profit Guarantee is Unique in the Australian Industry

Many seedstock producers guarantee their bulls. RENNYLEA offers a unique Bull Guarantee as it also covers the client’s risk of a bull not siring a satisfactory number of calves due to the fault of his own fertility. RENNYLEA can offer this guarantee as bulls offered have passed a rigorous test for:

  • structural soundness,
  • testicle size and conformation, and
  • breeding soundness

This test identifies and removes the bulls in every drop that are unfit to be mated.  Note that these results are valid for the next mating only and annual testing is strongly recommended.


1.         The Bull

If for any reason, a tested RENNYLEA bull is unable to sire calves as a result of a failure of his own fertility during his first mating we will either:

  • replace him with an equivalent Bull
  • give credit towards future purchases
  • refund the purchase price of the bull

2.         Compensation for lost pregnancies

Furthermore, we also compensate you for the pregnancies that the bull failed to get for you, by means of either:

  • a credit towards future purchases
  • a cash refund equal to the loss of pregnancies incurred by the owner

RENNYLEA offers this comprehensive guarantee as we believe that replacing the bull only, does not adequately compensate you for calves that you had every right to expect.


Let’s assume that you mate a bull to his mating potential of say 50 cows. If the cows are healthy, cycling and free of diseases capable of causing reproductive failure, you should expect at least 43 (85%) of them to conceive over a 9 week joining period.  Let’s say that only 30 conceive and it can be independently confirmed by a registered veterinarian of a fertility problem in the bull not caused by injury or acquired disease.  We pay the owner a commercial difference in value between the 13 empty cows with 13 pregnant ones. Furthermore, we give a credit or refund on the purchase price of the bull, proportional to the missed and/expected pregnancies. In this case the owner will receive 13/43 (30%) of $3000. The infertile or sub-fertile bull is then to be sold on the vendor’s behalf or delivered to a place mutually agreed upon by both parties.


This guarantee is not a replacement for good management.  It is aimed at appropriately covering the performance of the bull where the cows are diligently managed to recognised industry standards.  The bull owner has a duty to observe joining, monitor later cycling, and communicate any problems within 3 months of the bull being taken out of the cows, so as to quickly resolve problems and get on with the beef breeding business.

RENNYLEA does their utmost to produce bulls that are valued by their new owner for their ability to lower their cost per pregnancy and to improve their herd’s genetic worth. We believe that if we put your interests first, you will be a more satisfied client. This guarantee, amongst the best on offer in Australia, takes away the financial risk within the vital first year of purchasing a bull and clearly demonstrates the confidence that we have in our bulls along with the commitment that we have to you.


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